About Malvern URC’s history

First Church in Malvern Link

The church was founded in 1835. For 20 years services were taken by laymen connected with Birdpoint Free Church, Worcester. It was the first church in Malvern Link to start a Sunday School and in 1844 an elementary day school was opened. The trustees of the church buildings were the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion. The church was known as the Malvern Link Free Church and worked as a congregational pastorate. During the 19th century the church met in Richmond Road and then a new church was built in Worcester Road (now a chinese takeaway).

Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion

The original Congregational Church in Malvern Link
The original church in Malvern Link

The Countess of Huntingdon was born in 1707. When she became a widow at quite a young age, she decided to devote herself to the Lord’s work. She was a member of the Church of England and used her influence to arrange the appointment of evangelical clergymen in numerous parishes. As a peeress she was permitted to open private chapels attached to her residences and these were used for the public preaching of the gospel. In time, these became a source of contention with the local Anglican clergy, with the result that she reluctantly seceded from the Church of England in 1781

The History of the Current Church Building

Malvern Link United Reformed Church

The foundation of the present building was laid on 18th June 1903. Everyone agreed at the time, and still today, that it is an excellent site right in the centre of the district. It is on the main road, in sight of all and easily accessible.

In 1972 the Congregational Union of England and Wales united with the Presbyterian Church of England and the church became a pastorate of the United Reformed Church. In 2002 we started discussions with the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion for the URC Trust (West Midlands) to purchase of the property. By September 2004 we had raised £213,000 raised and the transfer was completed.

There is a modernised and well equipped hall on the site and many local organisations make use of this great facility. There is also car parking available on site.

Some Images of the Church

The slide below shows a selection of images around and inside both the church and hall.

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    General view of Malvern URC